Davey Is A Drunkard


Dave was a rock singer,

crooned a bit myself.

Dave and me talked endlessly,

‘bout music, everything else.

And soon we started writing,

over Soda Pop and Jack.

But now when I pick up my pen,

I notice someone that I lack.


Cause Davey is a Drunkard,

that’s how the story goes.

Once he was my confidant,

and now he pisses in his clothes.

Davey is a drunkard,

better off not around.

Cause Davey’s on a spinning wheel,

that he cannot slow down.


Dave was a young hopeful.

After shows gave interviews.

Pretty girls paid Dave’s rent.

Dave was on the local news.

But since Hip Hop took over,

well, Dave’s a little screwed.

Now the party’s dead and gone,

And all he gots is booze.


Now Davey is a drunkard,

downs ‘bout a case a day.

Any spirits you hand him,

to Dave that’s just okay.

Davey is a drunkard,

never eats or rests.

Gone from everybody’s friend

…to the worlds most dangerous dinner guest.


We wrote songs like lazy dogs,

when no one was around.

Spinning tales, our hands would strum,

and Dave would write them stories down.

He’d sometimes add a line or two.

Dave made everything fit.

But now I gotta do it all by myself,

and can’t afford to give a shit.


Davey is a drunkard,

too high work on songs.

Too afraid he’ll punch out,

a Neumann microphone.

Davey is a drunkard,

think it’s time to flee.

Don’t want none of his disease,

a-rubbing off on me.

Dave’s got 7 warrants,

Dave, he shouldn’t drive.

But New Years Eve, he took my jeep,

and drove it drunk to a cocaine buy.

Came back, then accused me

of sleeping with his bitch.

Knowing I hate her so bad,

I wouldn’t do her with Hitler’s dick.

Took Dave back to my place,

hoping he’d thaw out.

I guess that was a stupid move,

‘cause all Dave did was sweat and shout.

Didn’t have no alcohol,

but Dave knew how to cope,

Caught Dave in my bathroom,

doing shots of Scope.

Davey is a drunkard,

think it’s time to run.

Far as I’m concerned,

this partnership is dead and done.

Davey is a drunkard,

I miss him but I say,

“I refuse to be in a room with you,

‘til you keep your demons, well at bay.”


Davey is a drunkard,

his drinking never stops.

Mario was our favorite dealer,

til’ Mario got popped.

Now Davey he’s a ne’er do well,

And Mario’s stepped on.

…and when I talk to both them fools,

I don’t want to belong.

Davey is a drunkard,

though I understand.

Why he carry on a-like he do,

I can’t associate with the man.

Davey is a drunkard,

don’t know what else to say.

Cause Davey ‘aint the kind of dude,

to tolerate A. A.

Davey is a drunkard,

think it’s time to go.

Davey is a drunkard,

like a lotta’ folks I know.

Davey is a drunkard,

I went back to school.

Learning about Hobbes and Locke,

while Dave’s out acting like a fool.

And Davey is a Drunkard.

He may have had it right.

Cause wherever else I go in life,

Say folks be edgey and uptight.

Davey he checks in and out,

hear from him now and again.

My girl she calls him crazy,

but Dave’s one of my Best Friends…


Lyrics & Music: Bret L Thompson


Guitars: Carl Verheyen

Drums: Derek Organ

Upright Bass: Andrew Perusi

Pedal Steel: Doug Livingston

Vocals: Bret L Thompson

Background Gang Vocals: BLT, David (Davey) Scott

Recorded at Village Recorders & Consuelo Studios

Engineered by Steve (Churchy) Churchyard & Bret L Thompson

Mixed by Philippe Brun & BLT

Produced by BLT