Hillbilly Heroin


Hillbilly Heroin,

them tiny, tiny pills.

Hillbilly Heroin,

I’m a cutting off the film.

Leave you wide awake, dead asleep,

keep you in stitches every night of the week.

Hillbilly Heroin

…said come on in my friend.


Hillbilly Heroin,

We’re gonna take our daily flight.

Hillbilly Heroin,

kick it back with chilly Bud Light.

Roll around in a Pick-Up Truck.

Stand by the lake and get fucked up.

Hillbilly Heroin

…a Midwestern Boy’s best friend


Starin’ at the TV,

picking at an itch.

She runnin’ at the mouth, say she hungry,

screamin’ all kinda’ shit.

Staggered down to the Food 4 Less,

took a Rib Eye Steak, stuck it in my vest.

When I’m stealing I’m at my best

…on Hillbilly Heroin


Woke up this morning,

strangest thing I ever seen.

Some fool took about 40 Mil.,

went out, chopped down a tree.

Well now I got fresh kindling,

but I don’t remember a goddamn thing.

Aint it great what the new day brings,

on Hillbilly Heroin.


Hillbilly Heroin and a ‘Scrip of Laricet.

Between them two and a new tattoo,

Baby, I just blew the rent.

But don’t you worry, don’t you cry,

We’ll put another Mortgage

on the Double Wide.

Deal with it all on another time

…can I chop you out a line?

Chop it up (Carl Verheyen Solo)


Hillbilly Heroin,

better known as Oxycontin.

City folks call it an epidemic,

but we just call it fun.

Were either on the hunt,

getting wrecked,

or waiting on our next Welfare Check.

Hillbilly Heroin,

is the Bible Belt’s best friend.


Lyrics & Music: Bret L Thompson

Lead Vocals: Bret L Thompson

Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Slide: Carl Verheyen

Addl. Rhythm Guitar: Larry Czarnecki

Drums: Derek Organ

Upright Bass: Andrew Perusi

Percussion: Bernie Dresel

Recorded at Village Recorders & Consuelo Studios

Engineered by Steve (Churchy) Churchyard & Bret L Thompson

[Bret’s Vocal Production work by Charles Glenn, DO & BLT]

Mixed by Philippe Brun & BLT

Produced by BLT