Lot Lizards


Well I have made my living,

Chriss-ing cross this Country,

Trucking ‘cross the good ol’ USA.

Seen Black hills of the Dakotas,

lakes of Minnesota,

The Moon rise off the 1 near Half Moon Bay.

Every beauty you can see, fossil, animal and plant…

Makes me love this US even more.

‘Cept when I am sitting in my truck at 3am,

trying to fucking sleep.

And a Lot Lizard’s banging at my door.


Lot Lizardry is a scourge upon our nation.

Smell of nicotine, biker tweak, and meat.

Carry glass pipes in jean pockets, syphilis and crabs.

‘Bout as much class as an alley cat in heat.

Razor point rod iron, double barbed wire fence:

they’ll scale em both, with or without shoes.

Bang on your cab every 15 minutes or less.

Lot Lizards give us Truckin’ men the blues.


Lot Lizard knock on his back back

Lookin’ flawlessly perfect.

Too damn fresh and clean,

“Honey, Come on in”.

They set a price upon it,

Cops roll from out of nowhere.

She was mic-ed,

he’s stuffed in a makeshift van.

He sees doctors, lawyers, regular folks,

mechanics, half his friends,

handcuffed to the sides of the Police Bus.

Lost his job, his wife, his bankroll,

towed his Company Truck.

Lot Lizards undercover:

A pretty face you cannot trust.

Took a room at the Roadway Inn,

set me back sixty bucks.

Best sleep I got in a month of days.

Looking from my balcony I see,

Lot Lizard infestation,

dodging both Security and CHPs.

Ducking behind wheels of trucks,

scurrying north to south,

beat on cabs looking for amphetamine sale or trick.

Hidin’ under an idling Semi,

strangest thing you ever saw:

Lot Lizard on her belly smilin’, duckin’ Johnny Law.


Lot Lizards at the TA,

floating truck to truck they,

‘aint bathed, or rinsed their mouths with Listerine.

We all know not to do it.  We’ve all gone through it.

In this Lot, not a soul is clean.

Many cabs have anti-lizard stickers,

red line crossed across it.

Same cabs got lizards,

kneeling on their floors.

And It’s Truckers who bitch loudestly,

Ones like me,

…most want a Lot Lizard, banging on their door.


Lyrics: Bret L Thompson

Music: Bret L Thompson & Carl Verheyen


Vocals: Bret L Thompson

Guitars: Carl Verheyen

Drums: Bernie Dresel

Bass: Charles Glenn

Recorded at Dreamcenter & Consuelo Studios

Engineering:  Brent Ulrich & Bret L Thompson

[Bret’s Vocal Production work by Charles Glenn & BLT]

Mixed by Philippe Brun & BLT

Produced by BLT

*special thanks to Michael Roland & Terry Smith for knowledge.