Up to nine it’s O.K. you are “IN“
After that you are K.O. you are “OUT“.
It’s the same thing
for boxing,
Cinema, fashion, and Cash-box.
Who is “IN“ who is “OUT“
Half is soup then half is Gin,
Gemini doesn’t run on domestic fuel.
It is extremely,
If you’re hungry and sober you may pass out.
Who is “IN“ who is “OUT“
You like nitroglycerine?
Go to the Bus Palladium to listen to it
Rue Fontaine there’s a crowd
for the little guys from Liverpool.
Barbarella keep the phone books IN
Come on tell me once and for all, let it all OUT
Tell me that you love me.
Or else
I will send you back to your science fiction world.
Who is “IN“ who is “OUT“