The Serge Gainsbourg Translations.
By Bret L. Thompson
(w/assistance by Arielle Sabal-Lecco)
Volume 1
   |    Volume 2

While recording in Studios De La Seine in Paris,  France, I was contacted by Serge Gainsbourg’s French record label.  They planned to release a Vanity Box Set of his life’s work in the UK and USA and part of their concept was to get an proper American Poet to present his lyrics to English speakers.  A known French translator (Arielle Sabal-Lecco) vouched for my merits to the record company agent and before we both knew it we were sitting in a room toiling away on over 40 choice Serge Gainsbourg Chansons.  The work became a labor of love for Arielle and myself.  The label uniformly loved the results and praised the following texts as the best Serge Gainsbourg translations they had ever come across.  Unfortunately, the European record label that employed us was bought by a global behemoth shortly thereafter.  The entire Box Set concept was dashed.

Until now, these translations were just something I showed to close friends; however, after all this time I figured it would be nice to present Serge Gainsbourg’s genius to anyone with the time or inclination to read the material.  Plus I consider it truly one of the more unique gigs I have held in my career.  Enjoy.

Serge Gainsbourg Translations
Volume 1    |    Volume 2