Bret’s Story

Growing up in Hollywood, California, Bret L Thompson studied extensively under celebrity vocal coaches Roger Love, Seth Riggs, Patricia Prince Mozingo and Nathan Lamb.  Bret’s learned from the very best the music industry has to offer.  Technically, Bret liberally draws from all his mentors but tends to lean upon the personalized teacher-training of Roger Love.  In addition to his strong technical base, Bret labored for decades in recording studios, and brings to the table a deep understanding of what a vocal coach would desire from a protégé singer technically, while remaining ever mindful of what a record producer needs to keep the vocals emotional and in the moment.  In addition, Bret L Thompson has worked as an A&R talent scout for a major label and is openly willing to share any and all career advice with any aspiring student.

On top of private instruction, Bret L Thompson has taught Secondary School courses in Music, Choir, Theatre, AP History, Honors Economics and General Education.  Most importantly he’s remained a working musician and Hollywood Hills Recording Studio owner throughout his varied career.  Bret continues to work and employ professionally as a studio owner Consuelo Studios, songwriter, band leader, engineer, producer, vocal producer, vocal engineer, hired singer pianist or guitarist, song doctor, ghost writer, programmer, and all around “key man” on original projects.  Bret has recorded, toured, and performed his own original works in the United States, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland.  He applies to vocal instruction rare and invaluable knowledge learned throughout his ongoing international recording career to those students who have the desire to reach their artistic peak.

Academically, Bret L. Thompson Graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor in History and recently obtained his Master’s Degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a specialization in the Sociology of Music.  Bret continues his academic post-graduate research in the field of Music Education and has lectured on cutting edge Music Education training techniques at a recent international conference of the College Music Society (CMS).

A brief Q & A interview with Bret L Thompson